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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Mounting the tire of the vehicle includes putting the tire on the rim and further putting it on the axle. This may seem quite a simple process but it has many complexities involved. But at CooperMaiks auto repair we have got the solutions to all your vehicle’s problems. We have just the right equipment for every problem related to vehicles. Our expert technicians put the tire on the axle perfectly and ensure your complete safety. If not installed correctly the vehicle will be difficult to handle. This difficulty in handling can compromise the safety of the driver and the passengers. Balancing the vehicle on the other hand is a bit more complex process. In this process the weight on each wheel is even, moreover the weight of each wheel is even too. This is a specialized task and requires certain equipment which are highly precise.

How do vehicles get out of balance?

One of the most commonly asked questions is how do the vehicle’s tires get out of balance? There could be a number of reasons that can cause a tire to get out of balance. The tires wear down during the running of the vehicle no matter how smooth the road may be. Another reason to how it gets out of balance is the hard braking and the skidding of the vehicle. This all combined with numerous other factors causes the tires to change the shape from the initial one.

Our assistance

If you’re looking for the best car repair in Stafford, this is just the right stop for you. CooperMaiks is your one stop shop for every car service and repairs. We are

always ready to assist you in any matter relating your vehicle at CooperMaiks auto repair. Our services are highly professional and running daily except Sunday. For booking an appointment contact us at our official website, email: or call us at 281-499-3922.

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