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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Power steering

The power steering is a very convenient component of a vehicle that every non-power steering driver will know. It converts a small gentle force into quite a strong force. Steering is one of the most defining components of the vehicle in terms of handling and safety. Having a damaged steering compromises your safety and health. It can further lead to wear your vehicle’s tires excessively. This wear and tear of tires cause the brake distance to elongate and increase skidding. Also, the power steering consists of hydraulic fluids that makes the whole power steering system very complex. But with our specialized and trained and one of the top car mechanics in Stafford, TX, we have got you all covered. We know just how to fix all your vehicle problems and make all our customers drive satisfied to their home.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment refers to the modification or adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension such that restores it to the original position. It makes the wheel’s connection to the vehicle’s steering such that their movement is synchronized.

Symptoms that you require wheel alignment service

There are quite a few symptoms that indicate the need for tire alignment service that we generally ignore. Here is a list of the signs that indicates the need for wheel alignment

1. The uneven tread.

2. If the vehicle pulls to either side.

3. Steering off center while driving straight.

4. The vibration in the steering wheel.

Our assistance

coopermaiks auto repair shop

If you’re looking for a top car mechanic in Stafford, TX, CooperMaiks is the one stop solution for all your vehicle problems. We have expert technicians who know the solution to all your vehicle problems. Moreover, we also deal with the Filipino and the Tagalog speaking customers too and promise an honest service. For booking and details you can contact us on our official website, to have YOUR wheel alignment checked or call us at 281-499-3922 to set your appointment. Better yet, visit us at 235 Dulles Ave here in Stafford, TX. We're open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM. We're here since 1990 and we're one of the most trusted auto repair shop in Sugarland area!

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