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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

If you are looking for a top car repair to fix your brakes, CooperMaiks is the best option. Brakes are unambiguously the biggest support when it comes to safety. In heavy traffic or dangerous situations, you can just press the pedal and avoid the event of an accident easily. In case you are feeling that your brakes are missing you should instantly refer it to a car mechanic. CooperMaiks auto repair is certainly top car repair in Stafford, TX. You might end up in a difficult situation with worn brake pads.

There are many indications that the brakes of your vehicle are not working properly. You can easily judge the condition of the brakes and consider a mechanic to repair it. These indications include:

  • Grinding on the application of brakes

  • Squashy pedals of brakes

  • Vibrations when driving at high speed

  • Squeaking sound

  • Shaking steering wheel

  • Pulling to a side on the application of brakes

Brake pads and rotors are the main parts that help brakes to function efficiently. The friction produced in the brake pads, when you apply brakes, creates heat. This heat is dissipated by the rotor to avoid overheating. Both the parts are replaceable at CooperMaiks auto repair.

How can CooperMaiks help

The certified mechanics of CooperMaiks auto repair are truly capable of repairing your brake pads or replacing its parts if needed. Our technicians inspect the thickness of brake pads, calipers, hydraulic fluid level, brake hoses, brake hardware, and rotor wear of the vehicle in detail and diagnose the issue. We let you know the problem with your brakes and the predicted cost to fix it. CooperMaiks is the top auto repair in Stafford, TX that you can trust. You will be highly satisfied with our excellent services as we speak both in English and Filipino. Furthermore, the services we provide are extremely affordable so that you can utilize our services without spending so much money on them. Apart from brake repair and replacement, there are other services available at CooperMaiks. Check out this video for our other services.

To all our kababayans out there, come visit our shop, let's have coffee while we repair your cars. Call us at 281-499-3922 to set your appointment to have your brakes checked or be qualified for state inspection certification. Visit our shop at 235 Dulles Ave, Stafford, TX. You can email us at or visit CooperMAIKS Auto repair.

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