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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are the top car mechanic that does the best engine diagnostic test in the whole Stafford TX. Today, cars are more complex than ever before. If a problem arises in your car’s engine it is very difficult to locate the cause of the problem manually. But thanks to technology, modern cars are equipped with microchips, processors and sensors that precisely locate the area of malfunctioning in your car’s engine.

What is an Engine Diagnostic Test?

Engine diagnostic test uses special computerized tools to accurately and quickly pinpoint the areas in the engine which are not working properly. These problems can affect the performance of the vehicle, compromise vehicle’s safety and don’t even let the engine start. Normally, the Check Engine Light turns on if there is a problem in the engine but sometimes it may not even turn on even if some problem exists. The engine diagnostic test helps in both the cases to identify the precise location where the root of the problem is.

state inspection machine
Coopermaik's State Inspection machine

How do we help?

Our top car mechanics run the engine diagnostic test in your vehicle with our most advanced tools. After locating the problem part of the engine, the CooperMaiks top car mechanics tell you the best possible repair. The process of repairing starts as soon as we get a green go ahead signal from you. The engine diagnostic test is not as easy as it is sounding. It takes a lot of skill to get the specific area where the fault lies after getting the diagnostic trouble code (DTC).

We, the top car mechanic in Stafford TX, recommend you to run an engine diagnostic test at least once in a year to ensure that your car is working perfectly. The engine diagnostic test is necessary if you’re having an illuminated check engine light, reduced fuel economy or reduced performance. We speak English and Filipino for better communication so come now to your honest and trusted mechanics in Stafford area.

Call us at 281-499-3922 to set your appointment to have your engine diagnostic test or be qualified for state inspection certification. We offer discounts on State Inspection on special occasions. Visit our shop at 235 Dulles Ave, Stafford, TX. You can email us at or visit CooperMAIKS Auto repair.

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