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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Car restoration is a difficult process that every other mechanic around the corner wouldn’t do. It is normal for humans to develop affection with the things they spend time with. A person spends a lot of time of his life in the car while travelling for a lot of reasons. It is therefore understandable why people love their cars. A car reflects a lot of memories for its owner. But nothing is ideal in this world so cars also need restoration after years to bring them back to their old glory. We here at CooperMaiks care about our customers and restore their cars without taking any shortcuts.

We here in Stafford TX provide car restoration services for cars of any manufacturer and any model. Whether you want to restore a classic car for an auto show or a hot rod that you love, our experienced car restorers will do it for you. Our specialized team combines skills and craftsmanship with modern tools and advanced repair techniques to restore your car. When a car gets restored by us, it looks like that it just came brand new out of the factory.

We’ve a large facility that makes our work easy because we can easily organize the dismantled parts while we’re working on your beloved vehicle. We here at CooperMaiks love diversity and provide car repair and restoration services to all people from different backgrounds. Our owner can also speak in Filipino or Tagalog language besides English. So, Filipinos living around Stafford TX can come to our shop to get a family-like experience.

Whether you want a partial restoration or a complete one, we don’t shy away from our responsibilities. Before starting the restoration, we discuss all the expectations and preferences of our customer and after that we do the best job and deliver the best results.

One happy customer at Coopermaiks
One happy CooperMaiks customer

Hey kababayan in Sugarland area, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that you can trust, come and visit us and avail of our discounts! Call us at 281-499-3922 to set your appointment to have your car restored to its original condition or be qualified for state inspection certification. Visit our shop at 235 Dulles Ave, Stafford, TX. You can email us at or visit CooperMAIKS Auto repair.

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