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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Are you in search of the classic car restoration in Stafford, TX? Looking for some quality car repairs? CooperMaiks auto repair is there to provide its quality assistance by their certified mechanics. Restoring a classic car is a big responsibility and CooperMaiks fully understands that. The enthusiasts are quite passionate about their classic car yet they do not fully understand the entire process of classic car restoration. CooperMaiks offers its transparent and dedicated services to provide all the necessary classic car restorations to restore your vehicle’s potential to the top.

What are the items that we cover?

It is all in the small details that define a perfectly done restoration job. Car’s appearance is enhanced by small factors. We are glad to offer you our honest and prime services. Our domain includes the following listed below.


  • Entire mechanical restoration of items such as stock systems

  • System upgrades i.e. Brake system upgrade or Suspension upgrades

  • Engine swaps

  • Fuel restoration

  • Engine calibration

  • Tune ups

  • Transmission rebuilds

  • Transmission upgrades

  • Troubleshooting of electrical system

  • A/C installation

  • Upgrade of electrical system


  • Seat restoration

  • Seat repairs

  • Seat covers replacement

  • Headliner replacement

  • Console replacement

  • Custom consoles

  • Sound system

  • Interior painting

  • Compartment finish

  • Carpet replacement

  • Dash restoration

  • Frame replacement

Body work

  • Vehicle disassembly

  • Part inspection

  • Part storage

  • Repairing of rust

  • Vehicle etching

  • Floor replacement

  • Floor repairs

  • Testing and adjustment of panels

  • Removing dents

  • Priming the vehicle

  • Finishing


  • Priming vehicle

  • Sealing vehicle

  • Etching vehicle

  • Sand

  • Buff

  • Undercoat vehicle

  • Painting

  • Highly-build primer

Call us at 281-499-3922 to set your appointment to restore your car to its original condition or be qualified for state inspection certification. Visit our shop at 235 Dulles Ave, Stafford, TX. You can email us at or visit CooperMAIKS Auto repair.


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