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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When you’re searching for reliable and affordable auto AC service in Stafford, come see us at CooperMaiks.

Driving can be quite uncomfortable when your car AC is not running properly or not running at all. In Houston’s heat, opening your car windows and getting all sweaty is an uncomfortable option. At CooperMaiks, you receive quality and affordable auto AC repair and services. Our skilled and certified technicians fix your AC and make your ride much more comfortable.

There are numerous issues affecting your car’s AC, some of which are:

  • Clogged condenser

  • Low refrigerant level

  • Leaks in the system

  • Damaged compressor

CooperMaiks’ mechanics inspect your vehicle in detail and let you know the reason(s) for your AC’s malfunctioning or poor performance. Your AC rarely fail instantly – it gives you warning and starts to work improperly before it’s completely compromised. Sometimes you:

  • Hear unusual noises when you activate your AC

  • Experience unexplained aromas

  • Encounter inconsistent temperatures.

All these are signs your AC system needs attention, and the sooner the better.

At CooperMaiks auto repair, we use advanced technologies to diagnose the issue with your vehicle’s AC. We offer transparent and honest solutions to your car’s problems and fix your issues in the most appropriate way. We restore an exact amount of refrigerant to assure your AC properly blows cold air. Where and when required, we repair/replace your compressor, condenser, leaking tubes, evaporator and/or dirty air filter as well.

Moreover, CooperMaiks is your economical auto repair expert, ensuring your AC services are affordable. You can check our website to have a look of other services we offer. You can also call 281-499-3922 or stop by our 235 Dulles Ave. location to set an appointment to have your vehicle’s air conditioning evaluated.

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